Mango Ginger and Vanilla Sorbet

by Eddy Van Damme on May 17, 2010

Spring is a brand new opportunity for new, lighter and fresher types of desserts. Oftentimes the compositions we were planning to make a year ago, but never found the time for, suddenly get a new chance.  This particular feature, the mango-ginger-vanilla sorbet falls into this category. Last spring, I just never seemed to find the time for making this very simple dessert.

For sorbet or mousses, certain fruits don’t inspire me much, either their flavor lacks or the texture leaves much desired, but mango does not belong in this class. Its flavor and color is unashamed royal, right up there with apricots, cherries, black currants…. With these types of fruits, I do not like to add much in terms of other flavors, unless if they absolutely enhance instead of subtract and or confuse.

Mango does like to be combined with ginger, it brings a gently type of spicy heat to its natural sweetness. Vanilla enhances the tropical flavor complexity and essence of mango and ginger.

Getting it all together!

I prefer to use frozen mango puree produced in France or Belgium. These products consistently provide me the results I am after. If you use fresh, ensure that the mangos are at their peak of ripeness to provide a very flavorful sorbet. It is best to make the syrup-excluding the mango a day ahead and let it mature in the refrigerator for a sorbet with a perfectly smooth texture. The following day add the mango puree and churn.

The décor and what the mango sorbet is resting on is on my site here

The chocolate caramel sauce recipe can be found on page 550 of On Baking-second edition

Mango Ginger Vanilla Sorbet

Yield: About 1.3 Qt (1.3 Lit)

9 oz (9 oz) Water 270 g
1 Tablespoon ( ½ oz) Finely grated ginger 15 g
½ Cup (4 oz) Extra fine Granulated sugar 120 g
1 teaspoon (1 tsp) pectin 3 g
5 Tablespoons (2.5 oz) Invert sugar 75 g
3 Cups (24 oz) Mango puree, refrigerator temp. 720 g
½ teaspoon ( ½ tsp) Vanilla bean paste 2.5 g
  1. Heat the water and ginger in a nonreactive saucepan to 50°F (110°C). Combine the sugar and pectin thoroughly and whisk into the heated water. Add invert sugar and bring to a boil for one minute.
  2. Remove from heat and wrap with plastic food wrap. After 15 minutes strain the ginger.
  3. Place in a refrigerator and mature overnight. The following day add the mango and vanilla bean extract. Check to ensure the density is 1.1333 or 17 Baume and churn according to ice cream machine’s instructions.
  4. Spread the sorbet into a frame and freeze until solid before cutting into desired shapes.
  5. Decorate and serve.

8 comments on “Mango Ginger and Vanilla Sorbet

  1. Hi, Chef!

    Your blog is so uncannily relevant; it’s like you’re following our exact curriculum. We just made the Mango Sorbet from On Baking in class last week, and our instructor was very adamant about having us use hydrometers to ascertain that the sugar density was correct. When I saw that it wasn’t mentioned in this post, it made me wonder precisely how vital it was to the consistency of the finished product.

    I’m very interested in healthful/special needs baking, and often find most products made with real sugar to be both cloyingly sweet, and painful to my hypersensitive teeth, so I’m always looking for ways to cut back/swap with sucralose, or rely solely on the inherent fructose in whatever fruit I’m using. I was wondering if this was possible with sorbet, because I’d heard that the sugar inhibited the formation of ice crystals during the freezing process, and was thus, necessary for the texture of the end product.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on all this.

  2. Eddy Van Damme on said:

    Hi Mie,
    Thank you for sending me this mail, I actually forgot to include the right density in my article. Yes, the sugar amount is necessary for the correct consistency. Using less will give you an end result which will be very icy and not smooth.

  3. Good to know — Thanks for the feedback!

  4. Hilary Adams on said:

    Sounds like an amazing combination of flavors! I bought an ice cream machine just after Christmas and off and on I’ve been trying new recipes. Looks like I have my inspiration for the next one to test! Thanks, Chef!

  5. What’s up chef eddy… Mango Ginger and Vanilla Sorbet is one product I never tried it before… Very nice… What are the ingredients to take out the wax on apples? My mom was asking me that question. Thanks…

  6. Diana Wallace on said:

    Yummy! I can’t wait to try this one! Great job as always!

  7. Marissa Astrich on said:

    Chef Eddy,

    Mango sorbet is one of my favorites, I never thought to add other flavors to it though. This recipe with the ginger and the vanilla sounds delicious and I must try it soon! I’ve been wanting to try out making candied ginger, would it be too strong of a ginger flavor if I folded some small pieces of that into this sorbet? Thanks!

  8. Elizabeth Poirrier on said:

    I love that it’s summer so I can justify trying all of your sorbet and ice cream recipes! I recently found several fruit purees made by Goya that you can find in the Fiesta grocery stores. They have passional fruit and several others but the one I’m really looking forward to trying the guava! Can’t wait to try this recipe!

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