Irish Cream Chocolates

December 13, 2012

Chocolates filled with liqueur are some of the more complex types of confections made. One classic method to prepare these is to pour liqueur syrup into starch molds, which is a technique that easily can result in disappointment. Many factors such as dryness of starch, humidity of work environment, and syrup have an effect on […]

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Chestnut Crème Brûlée

November 27, 2012

One of the most beautiful trees on earth is without a doubt the chestnut tree.  Sadly, in North America 4 billion chestnut trees were killed by fungus in the 1900’s, which is just one reason why chestnut desserts are hard to find on dessert menus. Using fresh chestnuts is for many pastry chefs something which […]

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Port Chocolate Pecan Tart

November 12, 2012

A common criticism of pecan pie is that it can be sweet, too sweet in fact. However, it does not necessarily have to be that way. If you start by making pecan pie without high fructose corn syrup, you will automatically cut down the high levels of sweetness.  It is a common belief by many […]

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Pumpkin Brownies

October 29, 2012

The combination of pumpkin and chocolate may be unusual, however it is rather a delicious one. If you want to serve pumpkin brownies as a plated dessert, consider a mandarin sorbet. Oftentimes I am asked if I use fresh pumpkins instead of canned, but I do not. I prefer canned pumpkin as it provides consistent […]

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Passion Fruit Chocolate Mousse

October 15, 2012

Chocolate mousse remains one of the most popular desserts in the world. Being so prevalent that chocolate mousse mixes are available everywhere and premade chocolate mousse can be found in the refrigerated section of many grocery stores. To differentiate your chocolate mousse, attention to detail and ingredients is very important. What I have found is […]

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Opera | Green Tea

October 1, 2012

  It has been my experience that people, who appreciate the classic Opera entremet created by Gaston Lenôtre, are usually equally impressed with a green tea version. In this variation, everything remains as the original; it is only the coffee which is replaced with Matcha (green tea). For the moistening process of the joconde biscuit, […]

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Figs in Port

September 17, 2012

  Figs cooked until semi tender in a Port reduction makes a light, elegant and very delicious dessert. Going further by adding a small amount of chocolate to the reduction, just enough to taste the complex flavor notes in both Port and chocolate is even more special. For certain cooking/baking applications decent Port will do, […]

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Molten Lava Cake

September 14, 2012

    One of the worlds most favorite desserts, a liquid center chocolate cake. This version is made with a Ganache center. Recipe: On Baking 3, page 616    

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Egg Free Ice Cream | Frangelico Ice cream

August 27, 2012

In ice cream, egg yolks are used for their stabilizing ability as they bind water, resulting in frozen desserts with a rich mouth feel.  Large ice cream manufacturers often use gums in addition to, or instead of egg yolks. Gums allow hefty amounts of air incorporation during churning, increasing the volume of an ice cream […]

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Almond Petit Four |Lemon Macadamia

July 30, 2012

Piped almond petit four are much appreciated by our clients and certainly belong in a luxurious assortment of petit four.  Sugar content in almond paste can vary therefore it is very important to use the right kind. Almond paste with high sugar content will result in petit four which will spread out too much during […]

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