Egg Free Ice Cream | Frangelico Ice cream

by Eddy Van Damme on August 27, 2012

In ice cream, egg yolks are used for their stabilizing ability as they bind water, resulting in frozen desserts with a rich mouth feel.  Large ice cream manufacturers often use gums in addition to, or instead of egg yolks. Gums allow hefty amounts of air incorporation during churning, increasing the volume of an ice cream base. Gums are also used to aid in the prevention of ice crystals formation in stored ice cream.

Although it may seem that eggs or gums are a positive ingredient in ice cream making, they do have a negative aspect. For example, egg yolk adds (unwanted) flavor to ice creams and gums, “coat” our taste buds. The “coating” makes it harder for our taste buds to fully experience flavor.  Also, ice creams made with gums will feel less cold, intense and vibrant in the mouth.

Preparing smooth, non icy and luxurious Ice cream without egg yolk and without stabilizers is possible. Good to know since millions of people cannot eat or are allergic to eggs. May I suggest you give this a try? Chances are that you will be amazed with the result.


Frangelico Ice Cream | Without Eggs


14 oz Milk 420 g
16 oz Whipping cream 480 g
7 oz Light brown sugar 210 g
pinch Fleur de sel pinch
5 oz Frangelico 150 g
  1.          Bring milk, cream, brown sugar and salt to a full boil. Remove from heat and place in ice bath.
  2.          When properly chilled add Frangelico and preferably place in a refrigerator overnight before churning.
  3.          Churn according to ice cream manufacturer’s directions.


20 comments on “Egg Free Ice Cream | Frangelico Ice cream

  1. Gareth on said:

    All seems to easy Chef Eddy 🙂 I will give it a try as I do like the flavour of Frangelico.

  2. Eddy Van Damme on said:

    Frangelico is delicious. With Nutella becoming rather popular in North America, I have seen the popularity of hazelnut desserts climbing. Let me know how you liked the ice cream.

  3. I love Frangelico and will be giving this one a try as soon as I go back home where I have a bottle of Frangelico and my ice cream maker. Superb presentation, as always! I love your works of art!

  4. Gareth on said:

    Eddy – the ice cream worked perfectly. I really liked the addition of brown sugar with the hazelnut. It was put before the extended family “tasting panel” and will now be one of the Christmas ice creams for this year (Christmas is a bit warmer here in Australia).

  5. Hi Eddy,
    Does the Frangelico have a specific function in this recipe? Will the result – except for taste of course – be the same if replaced with another liquor?
    I’ll let you know anyway, since I don’t have any Frangelico at hand, I’m trying this with Kahlua

    Thanks for the recipe!

  6. Soledad A DeNure on said:

    Chef Eddy
    I emailed you already, however I was not sure if you got it. Anyway I just want to let you know again how awesome your recipe is. Soo simple and makes a super delicious egg free ice cream cookies . My daughter and granddaughter can now enjoy your egg free ice cream cookies. You just solve their problem from being allergic to eggs.Thank you!

    Your student,
    Soledad DeNure

  7. Oh my, I absolutely love Frangelico, I’ve got to try this.

  8. Marcellina Cole on said:

    Never tried egg free ice cream but I will try it. Nice 20

  9. Nicholas Pringle on said:

    Seems simple, just one more thing to add to the list of desserts to try. Has there been any other binding ingredients besides Gum or Egg yolks?

  10. Kimberly Watson on said:

    Once again this is a treat my whole family can enjoy limitless … great for my daughter birthday party I wanted to know if there an egg free cake that taste good …

  11. Patchanittha Srikhum on said:

    This is an eye-opener since I have never made ice cream without eggs. I have to try this.

  12. valerie alexander on said:

    this is a great refreshing dessert i can try with very few ingredients, I cant wait to taste it.

  13. savanna cunningham on said:

    I have been looking for egg free stuff. I know someone who is allergic to eggs, they will be so excited! But can i fund these ingredients in any store?

  14. Holly Josey on said:

    I have tried to make homemade ice cream and it never comes out thick enought its always a little runny and icy no matter what I do. why is that?

  15. Raymond Estrada on said:

    Chef, do you have a recipe for Dulce De Leche Ice cream. I might need a copy for it. Thanks…

  16. Mercy Boynton on said:

    I didn’t know the affects the gum additives had on our taste buds but it makes sense. Really looking forward to trying out this recipe.

  17. Kevin puerta on said:

    What and amazing ice cream , and what’s good is that is egg free with now days all this people allergic to eggs this is perfect . The texture is light than the one of and Ice-cream and the favors are there.

  18. Twyana Jackson on said:

    This was a great ice cream. I could not tell it was egg free and the flavor of mine was vanilla bean. The texture was smooth and creamy. I will try hanks Chef Eddy for the new idea.

  19. Adriana Ordonez on said:

    In class we did regular vanilla ice cream with eggs and honestly I did not like it because the texture was not soft and it melts quickly. I will try to do this recipe at home because it looks that the texture is soft and firm. Also, the idea of eating an ice cream with not eggs sounds healthy.

  20. Katerina Kyriazis on said:

    I personally have never attempted to make an ice cream without eggs. I would like to try this recipe. The prospect of a luxurious egg-free ice cream with a more vibrant taste is very appealing.

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