Passion Fruit Chocolate Mousse

by Eddy Van Damme on October 15, 2012

Chocolate mousse remains one of the most popular desserts in the world. Being so prevalent that chocolate mousse mixes are available everywhere and premade chocolate mousse can be found in the refrigerated section of many grocery stores. To differentiate your chocolate mousse, attention to detail and ingredients is very important. What I have found is that chocolate mousse made without egg white or yolk, renders a very nice and deep pronounced chocolate flavor. So much indeed that based on flavor alone it is one of my favorite methods of making chocolate mousse. The melting quality of this mousse is rather refined as well as it will not stick to spoons or knifes.

In school I have seen students obtaining great results using this method as it is a rather simple one. Chocolate mousse containing Italian meringue and or pate a Bombe naturally leave more room for error as there’re more ingredients to juggle.

Chocolate Mouse with Passion fruit liquor

11 oz Milk 330 g
3 Gelatin sheets 3
15 oz Chocolate (56-64% cocoa) grated fine 450 g
2 oz Passion fruit liquor 60 g
1 lb 9 oz Whipping cream 750 g

1.Whip whipping cream to very soft consistency. (Thick but slightly pourable)

2.Bring milk to a boil and remove from heat. Allow to cool for 2 minutes. Remove gelatin from water and press to remove excess water. Whisk into hot milk.

3.Pour half of milk-gelatin mixture into chocolate and whisk well. Gradually add remaining milk and whisk until smooth. Add liquor.

4.Allow mixture to cool down to at least or slightly below (or bring to) to (110°F) 43°C and add whipped cream all at once. Using a rubber spatula fold gently until combined.

5.Pour into glasses and place in refrigerator.

6.Pour passion fruit sauce (On Baking 3, page 536) on surface and Decorate as desired. Here with tuiles found on my site here.



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31 comments on “Passion Fruit Chocolate Mousse

  1. Elizabeth Poirrier on said:

    This would be a great dessert for dinner guests…an elegant dessert that can be made well in advance to ease the stress of cooking for many.

  2. Nicholas Pringle on said:

    I am really not a chocolate fan but my fiance’ is. This seems like a very simple dessert to create after a eloquent dinner or just a sampler to please the craving for chocolate. I will have to try it.

  3. Debbie Davis on said:

    This dessert really catches the eye, looks great Chef Eddy

  4. Carol Weber Abarca on said:

    I was wondering what the gold is. I have seen it now on several of your desserts.

  5. Andrew Weigel on said:

    Did this recipe and it turned out great! Wish I could take pictures as good as yours!

  6. savanna cunningham on said:

    I dont always like passion fruit like in truffles but the chocolate mousse and passion fruit was sooo good together! And its so light, amazing!

  7. Adrienne D. Clayton on said:

    Not a very big fan of passion fruit. Dont know if I’ll enjoy this 1. I’d have to taste it in class b4 i attempt to make it at home.

  8. Veronica Razo on said:

    Beautiful colors and textures gives a different prospective to my eyes to understand the flavors before sampling. Hope to make Passion Fruit Chocolate Mousse soon.

  9. valerie alexander on said:

    it seems to be a very easy recipe and it look visual appealing . great for date night/.

  10. Kimberly Watson on said:

    I love this type of mousse because I can make for my daughter who is allergic to eggs this is way for her to enjoy the food she love without side effects

  11. Patchanittha Srikhum on said:

    Not only the fantastic look, but this dessert is also delectable. The sour taste of passion fruit and the texture of cocoa nip tuiles really complement the chocolate mousse.

  12. Christian Campos on said:

    the chocolate mousse was so light and delicious, but i didn’t like the passion fruit sauce with it. it was too sweet for me.

  13. William McKinney on said:

    I like the choclate mouss and i can not wait to do it at home

  14. Trendalynn Austin on said:

    Does this recipe have to be served in a glass or can it be served on a plate or a bowl that elegant enough?

  15. This looks delicious. The passion fruit and chocolate are a great combination.

  16. Mercy Boynton on said:

    Chocolate and one of my favorite fruits, I feel that this dessert and I are going to become acquainted very soon, yum.

  17. Andrea fields on said:

    This dessert looks like is very time consuming, i wanted to know can i make this before hand and freeze?

  18. Christian S on said:

    i would love to try this dish because of how the elements of the tangy passion fruit and the sweet chocolate will balance out each other, i think the taste would be delightful.

  19. Fu-Ying Wu on said:

    “chocolate mousse made without egg white or yolk, renders a very nice and deep pronounced chocolate flavor” – I did not know this before! Yet another lesson learned; thanks again, Chef. Definitely want to try this and serve after dinner one day. And also try the Cocoa Nib Tuiles recipe you’ve posted.

  20. Nhu Ta on said:

    Chef Eddy,
    I have 70% cocoa chocolate on hand, if I were to use it on this recipe.. can I just add sugar to the recipe and reduce a little bit of chocolate? Or it doesn’t work that way? I don’t want this chocolate mousse to be too bitter.

  21. Kevin puerta on said:

    The passion fruit in this dessert remind me of my childhood. My grandma used to give me passion fruit juice ……. Is so nice smooth the passion fruit and the chocolate really mix together making it a smooth transitions of taste ….

  22. Adriana Ordonez on said:

    In class we did a mango and passion fruit gelee for this recipe, and the combination of flavor between the chocolate and the mango and passion fruit gelee was awesome. We add more mango purée than passion fruit purée. For the lovers of mango and chocolate this is an excellent recipe.

  23. Nikki Johnson on said:

    We made passion fruit sauce in class, I wasn’t a big fan of it, a little to tart for me. If I added more sugar would that take away some of the tart taste?

  24. Abiel Guerrero on said:

    Although I did enjoy this dessert, I found that after the layer of passion fruit is gone it seemed to me that the chocolate mousse seemed almost monotonous. Really glad I decided to ask you about this, since you were able to provide an excellent alternative for this by layering the mousse and the passion fruit. Thanks for your advice.

  25. Jenny Dzoba on said:

    I never had the opportunity to try anything made with passionfruit until this class, and honestly, I’m shocked that this flavor is grossly underused. Its bright, citrus tones pair well with so many flavors–including the mango puree we blended with it for our version of this dessert. I didn’t particularly care much for this chocolate mousse; I found it to be too dense. Perhaps if it had a more whipped texture it would have been better, but it would not have been able to support the weight of the passionfruit gelee on top. Would there be an elegant way to plate the gelee first then have the mousse on top?

  26. Melissa Lambert on said:

    I enjoyed the creamy light texture of the mousse but the passion fruit was just sweet for me.

  27. Steven Foutain on said:

    This Dessert was Amazing! , and I believe it can work very well with any summer entree’, that includes anywhere from steak to fish with a sweet marinade.

  28. The texture of the mousse was thick but still creamy, although I think layering with the passion fruit would make the flavors combine more when eating then just getting a spoonful of rich chocolate mousse.

  29. Nereida Rios on said:

    The passion fruit gelee takes this dessert to the next level, the mousse is a little too much for me so i would definitely do another layer of the gelee

  30. Scot Snodgrass on said:

    I agree with Nereida, this was delicious but the ratio of Mousse to the gelee, in my opinion was too much.

  31. Amalia posada on said:

    Yet another passion fruit and chocolate combination that blows my mind! The plating looks beautiful! You must post your chocolates with the passion fruit filling those were great when we made them in class the sweet with the added tartness was so wonderful! I still can’t get over it!

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