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by Eddy Van Damme on May 28, 2012

It is easy to see why so many people appreciate Sablés Viennois or Spritz, they are attractive and people like the sandy buttery texture of these simple, yet sophisticated petit four.  Whether served with espresso, tea or gelato they always prove to be a hit.

A few things are important to ensure a gorgeous baked product. One is the type of flour, if it is too weak in protein the batter may spread too much in the oven resulting in a product without clear marks on the surface.  Therefore I recommend using good quality pastry flour. Second, do not over cream butter as this will create too much spreading of the product in the oven. Resulting in lost surface marks as well.

Baking is best done in a deck using ample bottom heat to ensure that jam will not stick to silpat when petit four are removed. If using a convection oven I recommend using a thinly made baking tray or perforated baking tray.

Sablés Viennois | Spritz


1 lb 2.5 oz Butter, at room temperature 560 g
8.5 oz Powdered sugar 250 g
3 oz Egg whites, room temperature 90 g
0.22 oz Salt 6 g
0.22 oz Vanilla extract 6 g
1 lb 6.5 oz Pastry flour 675 g


Tip: During mixing, avoid over incorporation of air cells.

  1. Using paddle attachment mix butter until smooth. Add powdered sugar and mix until combined.
  2. Add one egg white at a time waiting for previous added amount to be emulsified.
  3. Add salt and vanilla followed by flour, do not over mix.
  4. Pipe on silpat and fill with jam.
  5. Bake in 180°C (375°C) oven until light golden.
  6. Store airtight.

32 comments on “Spritz | Eddy Van Damme

  1. I love them, and I usually use the cookies press to have a similar shape and I make it with nougat, yummy
    thanks for the recipe, I need this sultan tip, it’s so attractive

  2. Manuel on said:

    Chef Eddy, made the spritz this afternoon and they turned out fantastic. I had been looking for a good recipe. Thanks as always!

  3. tracy on said:

    What does leaving out the egg yolk do? tx, tracy

  4. Rudolf on said:

    mm lekker.

  5. Eddy Van Damme on said:

    Hi there Tracy,

    Using only egg whites in Spritz will make the petit four a bit more crisp and less “mealy”
    My best and thank you for the question.

  6. Eddy Van Damme on said:

    For sure Manuel!

  7. Eddy Van Damme on said:

    Hi there Sue,
    Thanks for the Nougat suggestion.


  8. Chef Eddy –

    These look so delicious! I love cookies! I had a question for you…what camera do you use for your photos? They are so beautiful!!!! Hope you are well!!!


  9. Joyce Baines on said:

    The spirtz cookie is great, I tried it with a strawberry filling and its not that much of a different than the raspberry fill, both are good.

  10. vered on said:

    how many cookies come out from this recipe? thanks


  12. Roslen Hamilton on said:

    I tried this recipe and I liked it. Next time I want to try it with cherries or strawberries instead of raspberries.

  13. Tu Ho on said:

    Its amazing that these pastry douilles bring out different shapes and forms of a cookie. Besides custards and cakes, it seems like it’s a better choice to leave out egg yolks in many cookies/desserts for less calories and better texture!

  14. Rosio Caro on said:

    Looks really good ! It is a must on my baking ;since am always looking for good and easy cookie recipes to make with my 10 year old . I will try them with pineapple .I will post and let you now how I do.

  15. Elizabeth Poirrier on said:

    Wow! The sultan tip makes a much prettier cookie than just using a large star tip. I made these for an even last week (8 dozen!) and they were a hit. Next time I will try using just egg whites to see the difference. Thanks for so many great cookie recipes in On Baking! They will keep me busy!

  16. Marcellina Cole on said:

    We made this cookie in class and it was on point, great job chef keep up the good work.

  17. Renae Holman Murti on said:

    I’m considering making these for Christmas this year and putting a bit of crushed up peppermint candies in the center or around the edges.

  18. Ashly Willis on said:

    These cookies were really good and very versatile. You could easily use different filling for every occasion.

  19. Nicholas Pringle on said:

    Will have to try it. Great for the holidays.

  20. Holly Josey on said:

    i loved baking these in class

  21. Spritz cookies reminds me of my childhood. I use to get so excited everytime my dad would bring me home a box of these assorted butter cookies. On top of being delicious, I thought the cookies were so pretty. I’ve never knew they were so simple to make. Now, I make them for almost every holiday, thanks chef!

  22. Peter Tham on said:

    Beautiful motif and i do prefer Spritz than the regular butter cookie recipe!

  23. Christian S on said:

    comparing the recipe from the book and the recipe from you , i think that your recipe is easier to pipe than the recipe coming from the book

  24. Fu-Ying Wu on said:

    I loved this when we made it in class, I would like to make more and use different jams, maybe put two types of jam in a swirl!

  25. Joy Arriola on said:

    We make the spritz for valentine’s day but you need a special tip to create the swirl.

  26. Nereida Rios on said:

    So simple yet so delicious! i love that you can make all sorts of designs of cookies by using different tips

  27. Andrea Angulo on said:

    that tip….. i want one! so simple and such a classic cookie to make for any occasion! it is so versatile, moist and tender!!

  28. Those is familiar with my childhood and the cookies is beautiful look as it’s taste.

  29. Thank you for suggesting the addition of spices to the spritz dough. When you mentioned cardamom , citrus came to my mind. I plan on complimenting the cardamom spritz with orange marmalade (a family favorite).

  30. I think these are beautiful as they are, but I was wondering about using food coloring in the dough for various holidays. Would food coloring change the texture of the dough? I’ve seen them in green and red during the holiday season and thought those might be pretty to make.

  31. These cookies are so rich and delicious! I fell in love with chai when I traveled through India many years ago and look forward to trying these cookies with cardamom and black tea powder in reminiscence of that experience.

  32. Marivic Lyons on said:

    I love the spitz that we made in class, it’s very delicious and buttery . I am planning to make a bunch for christmas give aways and thought of using different fillings aside from fruit jams..

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