Pistachio Chocolates

by Eddy Van Damme on April 29, 2012

In many assortments of chocolates, the pistachio variety can be one of the most eye catching, indeed, bright green pistachios on chocolate is a very striking look.  The filling of pistachio chocolates can be approached in different ways.  Using almond paste as a base, which is further enhanced with pistachio paste and other ingredients is popular and delicious resulting is a texture similar as marzipan. However, not all countries in the world are fond of this particular texture and therefore another approach of pistachio chocolates may have to be used.  Regardless of how you make fillings for chocolates, important to remember is that pistachio flavor can easily be lost in ganache made of bitter dark chocolate.

The pistachio chocolates recipe featured here is made using cream, pistachios, white chocolate and Dumante pistachio liqueur.  Instead of pistachios a good quality unsweetened pure pistachio paste can also be used.  Adding aromatized pistachio paste is an option if yet a stronger pistachio flavor is desired. The pistachio chocolates featured on the photos are made without green food color, if a greener color is desired add coloring after adding Dumante pistachio liqueur.



Pistachio Chocolates

350 g Heavy cream 12 oz
225 g Pistachios (non salted) 7.5 oz
pinch Fleur de sel Pinch
60 g Invert sugar 2 oz
700 g White chocolate, small pieces 24 oz
60 g Dumante pistachio Liqueur 2 oz
As needed Semis sweet chocolate for enrobing As needed
  1. In a saucepan bring to boil cream, pistachios, fleur de sel and invert sugar.  Remove from heat and pour into a well made blender. Mix until very smooth paste is obtained. Add Dumante pistachio liqueur.
  2. Remove from blender and stir in chocolate. If part of chocolate refuses to melt completely, place bowl for 5-10 seconds at a time in microwave oven.
  3. Pour pistachio ganache between confectionary rulers.
  4. Allow crystallizing for 18-24 hours slightly below 20°C (70°F).  Do NOT refrigerate at this stage as doing so will encourage mold and bacteria growth. (W hen ganache is removed from a refrigerator condensation will form on the surface, the condensation will be trapped when ganache is dipped in tempered chocolate. It is exactly in that area where mold and bacteria start to grow.)
  5. Cut in desired size and enrobe in tempered dark chocolate. Decorate with pistachios.



29 comments on “Pistachio Chocolates

  1. Justin on said:

    Chef Eddy, had never heard of pistachio liqueur until I read your article. Thanks for bringing me up to speed!

  2. lenny on said:

    Can these be dipped in Gianduja chocolate also? And if so, would you dip these in milk or dark Gianduja? Thanks for your great information. I am always looking out for your new material. Cheers!

  3. Gareth on said:

    Eddy – great looking chocolate. I’ve just made some pure pistachio paste for gelato, so I’ll try some of it with this recipe as well.

    (PS: made your chestnut paste the other day with chestnuts from my father-in-law’s farm and your candied kumquats from a neighbours tree. Both recipes worked fantastically well.)

  4. Eddy Van Damme on said:

    Gareth, great to hear that the recipes worked out great for you! By the way, the last few posting I have done have been done with foods which have a Fall season feel to them (With the people from Australia and all the other parts of the world experiencing Fall right now). Cheers!

  5. Eddy Van Damme on said:

    Good idea Lenny, Gianduja is very delicious with pistachio. That would work perfectly.

  6. Eddy Van Damme on said:

    Justin, Dumante is a grand liqueur.

  7. Nicholas Anetselis on said:

    Chef, can I use store bought pistachio paste for this recipe? Also, in case I don’t find this particular liquor, which liquor is the best substitude?

    Thanks in advance,

  8. Eddy Van Damme on said:

    You can use good quality store bought paste for the pistachio chocolates. On liqueur the only thing pastry chefs used to have to be used with pistachio was Kirsch, not bad, but certainly pistachio liqueur is going to be the best choice.
    My best!

  9. Ghizlane on said:

    it’s amazing mon chef
    i am really speechless amazing wonderful
    i am sure it will taste yuuuuuuumy
    thank you mon chef

  10. John Cantu on said:

    Chocolate pistachio looks be a very elegent delight to eat

  11. Hui on said:

    Your presentation is gorgeous! I am no marzipan fan so what a great alternative, can’t wait to try the recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Richard Martinez on said:

    This looks really good! I’ve never had Pistachio chocolates so this will be something new for me to try.

  13. jessica raymond on said:

    mmmm pistachio liqueur… i’ve never heard of it but it sounds yummy. chef your recipes are awesome! so easy to follow… everything always comes out delicious.

  14. Olivia Robinson on said:

    Chef Eddy, The pistachio are so green….where can you get pistachio that green. I will be trying this recipe.

  15. Joetta Mackson on said:

    I can honestly say since seeing this photos i have a new found love for pistachios!

  16. Rudolf on said:

    The chocolates looks great.


  17. Eddy Van Damme on said:

    Thank you Rudolf!

  18. Roslen Hamilton on said:

    Wow, learned something new today. I never knew there was pistachio liqueur. I will try this recipe now that I found out that I like pistachios.

  19. Rosio Caro on said:

    This recipe I will really try to make. I know it will be a hit in one of my catering events as a delicate dessert. I really like your presentation ;it is so eye catching . And yes I have also learned in your class that not everything that looks easy to make; is easy !

  20. Your site is beyond inspiring! I just bought your book. I am desperate to find the pistachios that you used that are that green. Where can I get them please? I need for recipe this week.

  21. This looks amazing! I love the combination of pistachios and chocolate! And then you add pistachio liqueur?! I have to try this recipe, thanks chef!

  22. Susan Abraham on said:

    Thanks for a great recipe. The presentation is excellent. The place where I stay I cna’t get all that liquerus. I hope I can substitute with rum. Does it have good shelf life outside the fridge.
    Thank you

  23. Eddy Van Damme on said:

    I would not know since I do refrigerate these.
    My best, Eddy.

  24. Peter Tham on said:

    Another guarantee sell-out bon-bon! Wonder if most shops uses Dumante liqueur, that might cost a little…

  25. Jessica Ximenez on said:

    I had no idea there was a pistachio liquer…. I’m not really a liquer fan thought. So what would you recommend to use in place of the liquer?

  26. Kristy Wiley on said:

    This look like somthing I would love to try

  27. Eileen Mier on said:

    We didn’t get to make these in class, but I am definitely going to try to make them at home…pistachios were my father’s favorite, so I can have a sentimental association to them and am inclined to think that I will enjoy this recipe.

  28. Aybars on said:

    Since it has the pistachio paste in it I think pistachio liquor will dominate the chocolate flavor. Is it a good idea to use whiskey or melon liquor like midouri?
    Thank you

  29. Joy Arriola on said:

    Pistachio Chocolate maybe good but i would change 2 thing. First i would walnut or pecan instead pistachio. Second i would put a pinch of sea salt.

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