Gianduja Cremeux

by Eddy Van Damme on April 16, 2012

Gianduja certainly belongs in a collection of good quality chocolates and can equally be effective in many desserts. It pairs very well with a vast amount of flavors which makes it very appealing for us in the pastry atelier. Flavors such as coffee, passion fruit, citrus, chocolate, certain peppers are prime candidates for pairing.

This Gianduja cremeux can also be made with an in house version of Gianduja as I show here .  If using the in house version you will have to slightly increase the gelatin amount. However may I recommend keeping the gelatin amount low to retain a very silky and tender textured cremeux?

Gianduja Cremeux:


17 oz Heavy cream 500 g
17 oz Milk 500 g
3.5 oz Extra fine granulated sugar 100 g
6 oz Egg yolk 180 g
pinch salt pinch
3 Gelatin sheets/leaves 3
16 oz Milk chocolate Gianduja, chopped 470 g
4 oz Frangelico liqueur 120 g
  1. Place gelatin sheets in ice water and set aside.
  2. Bring cream and milk to boil. Meanwhile whisk yolks and sugar to ribbon consistency. Add one fourth of boiling mixture to yolks and whisk rapidly.
  3. Pour tempered yolks to remaining boiled cream and heat gently while constantly stirring using a rubber spatula to 82°C (183°F).
  4. Remove from heat, press gelatin sheets and whisk into the mixture.  Whisk in Gianduja. Add Frangelico.
  5. At this stage the mixture may look foamy and it is best to set into an ice bath stirring occasionally. This will slowly erase the foamy layer and allow a beautiful surface when poured in verrines.
  6. If using cake or dacquoise in the verrine, pre-chilling the cremeux will prevent these from floating to the surface. “Gluing” these down with chocolate is also effective.
  7. Pour in verrines, cover with plastic food wrap and place in refrigerator. Setting will take 4 hours and complete setting will take 15 hours.
  8. Decorate with lime marshmallow as shown on my site here and chocolate caramel tuile.


37 comments on “Gianduja Cremeux

  1. Mandi on said:

    I adore Gianduja! And, as always, your pictures are stunning!

  2. Chef Eddy,
    The recipe for guanduja-cremeux looks very easy, I plan to use the recipe for my next dinner party. I’m going to try pairing it with strips of very crisp/flaky pie type crust. And will probably try serving it with so kind of berry.
    Thanks for posting the recipe,

  3. Niah Clark on said:

    This looks perfect for a hot day in this Texas heat

  4. Huong Kim Le on said:

    That looks awesome!! I love your marshmallow recipe(:

  5. Trish Corriden on said:

    I will try this for my next family get together. Looks and sounds very tasty.

  6. Roslen Hamiltion on said:

    As always, job well done. I look forward to trying out this recipe. This is the first time of heard of it. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  7. lisa ibanez on said:

    Chef thisvwas devine! you had extra when you made it and the texture is indeed like you say, very ssilky and the flavors were so rich. i will have to try this!

  8. Tilly Sherwood on said:

    Yum! Chef I never told you but my last promotion that I received at Sur La Table I demo’d your marshmallow recipe. Again, thank you.

  9. Rudolf on said:

    looks teasty.

    mvg Rudolf

  10. Yuko Ouchi on said:

    Hi Chef Eddy,
    Gianduja Cremeux looks beautiful and very interesting. I can’t imagine teast of Gianduja like. I would like to know it.

  11. John Cantu on said:

    Gianduja Cremeux looks go be a very silky delightful drinks that I would liketo try at home.

  12. Yvonne Davis on said:

    That looks wonderful Chef and the Lime marshmallow I bet thats goooood

  13. love gianduja anytime, bet it’ll taste great with some meringue sticks. thanks!

  14. jessica raymond on said:

    i really enjoy the look of desserts in a glass. from creams and mousses to disassembled desserts, it give a contemporary look of elegance.

  15. Joetta Mackson on said:

    Eating this desert would be like traveling its very unique

  16. Olivia Robinson on said:

    I enjoy making this one and the marshallows were great. Like the lemon taste with the chocolate.

  17. Kimberly Dukes Warren on said:

    What a wonderful desert? The flavors of the hazzlenut chocolate paired with the lemon marshmallows and lemon zest is awesome!!!

  18. angelica d. on said:

    When we made this in class, I was a bit disappointed. The hazelnut liquer is strong, but it does give the cremeux a richness. Do you think we could supplement something like melted Nutella in there to still get the hazelnut & chocolate flavor?

  19. Joyce Baines on said:

    The Giaduja Cremeux with the line marshmallow was delicious along with the chocolate caramel tuile. If you would have tried with white chocolate instead of the dark chocolate would it have made that much difference in the flavor.

  20. Tu Ho on said:

    Hi chef,
    This dessert we made in class was delightful! Do you think I could substitute any liqueur with the Frangelico with the same ratio? Thanks, Tu

  21. shaun fenton on said:

    my famliy just love the marshmallows i got them last time.

  22. Nicholas Pringle on said:

    This will have to be receipt I try…the presentation is very appealing to the eye.

  23. Gianduja sounds interesting…what is it exactly? Where can you find gianduja chocolate?

  24. Lanz Doreza on said:

    This is the first time I have heard of this dessert, but it sure looks mouthwatering

  25. Adriana Ordonez on said:

    I am a lover of chocolate specially hazelnut chocolate. But I notice that the Gianduja Cremeux we did in class is darker in color than the one that is show in this webpage. Why? In the other hand, this is the first time I try a flavored marshmallow and I like it because you can feel the flavor of lime after you swallow, but the flavor is a little bit strong.

  26. Sherri Atlas on said:

    Chef Eddy,
    I was hesitant about the lime marshmallow, but I brought the dessert home and on the next day ( after it had a firm set) I tried it and the lime had
    mellowed with the chocolate.I would have loved it with a whipped cream and some chopped hazelnuts
    I might try to make it with an orange or tangerine juiced marshmallow, I really like those flavors with dark chocolate. We will have to see how they taste with the milk chocolate.

  27. Erica Harrell on said:

    I am not a big fan of hazelnuts, but I was very surprised that I really liked this dessert.
    How ever I would like to try it with less lime juice, and a little less sugar. It was very rich, but
    still a great dessert.

  28. luis betancourt on said:

    chef the dessert was good, but i think the giandua cremaux is a little bit blend on flavor by itself, but with the lime marshmallow was delicious. i liked it a lot.

  29. Jenny Dzoba on said:

    Though this dessert was very rich, it was by far my favorite dish we made in class! The lime marshmallow really complemented the deep chocolate flavor of the cremeux, and the chocolate tuile added that extra crunch it needed for texture. I’m glad we started off with this one because I feel like it’s a perfect example of finding balance in all the elements that should be in a dessert.

  30. Abiel Guerrero on said:

    Loved the lightness from this dessert and the tartness from the lime marshmellows we used paired so well. Althogh I am wondering if we had made the marshmellows any less tart/ different flavor such as other citrus flavors like orange. Will definitly try to play with this dessert in terms of flavor in the near future. Thanks

  31. Melissa Lambert on said:

    I enjoyed the Gianduja Cremeux but the lime marshmallow was just to over powering for me. Maybe a little less lime marshmallow try another citrus fruit like an orange.

  32. Mary Lorraine Matiling on said:

    To me, the lime marshmallow and the chocolate caramel tuile made this dessert. Without the two, I thought the Gianduja cremeux by itself was too rich. I definitely needed the tartness from the marshmallow and the crunch from the tuile to balance it all out. Next time, I think I will sprinkle the tuile over the cremeux for some more added texture.

  33. Steven Foutain on said:

    For me I feel the dessert could minus the lime marshmallow. On top of the creme I would put a chocolate crisp topped with one quarter scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. That would be to die for.

  34. Katerina Kyriazis on said:

    When I made this dessert I thought that the texture of the Cremeux was super silky. I like the depth that the liquor adds to the Cremeux and the contrast of the lime marshmallow was excellent.

  35. This dessert was too rich for me, the lime marshmallow however did compliment it a lot. If we didn’t use marshmallows, I would probably like to use some chops nuts to give it a little crunch.

  36. Eileen Mier on said:

    I really enjoyed the flavor of the Cremeux, ad well as the texture; it was so rich and smooth. I had fun learning to make the lime marshmallows, but I think I would have liked them better if the lime was less pronounced.

  37. Nereida Rios on said:

    This dessert is amazing, I am not a fan of limes but the marshmallows pair so well with the hazelnut. I prefer lemons though, i will try this dessert again with a lemon marshmallow and see how the combination turns out!

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