Hazelnut & Orange Chocolate Bar

by Eddy Van Damme on January 3, 2012


After talking to countless Pastry chefs and Chocolatiers who are in search of fillings for chocolates with an extended shelf life, I thought it was time to highlight such filling which may be of use to you.  This particular filling contains nougatine which adds a layer of complexity, but the good news is that the nougatine is chopped and therefore rolling it to a thickness of 2 stacked bank cards is not a total necessity.  Although on the picture this particular filling is piped into a chocolate bar mold, any shallow type of chocolate mold should work.  The filling tilts on the sweet side and therefore I do recommend to use shallow chocolate mold as the flavor balance between the chocolate and the filling will then be optimal. For the molding process I recommend a semi sweet chocolate couverture with a cocoa mass content of 52-58% maximum. Milk chocolate mixed with dark chocolate can also work well and be equally delicious. Using ¾ milk chocolate couverture combined with ¼ dark chocolate couverture will provide good balance. Using bitter chocolate for the molding process will make it hard to properly experience the hazelnut flavor which we all know is a rather expensive ingredient not to be noticed.



Hazelnut & Orange Chocolate Bar

17 oz Hazelnut paste, 50% sweetened 500 g
3.5 oz Chopped nougatine 100 g
2 oz Chopped Candied orange peel 60 g
For enrobing, as needed Semisweet chocolate 52-58% For enrobing, as needed
  1. Combine the hazelnut paste with nougatine and candied orange peel and set aside.
  2. Temper chocolate and proceed as customary.


17 comments on “Hazelnut & Orange Chocolate Bar

  1. Hilary Adams on said:

    Looks so heavenly!!

  2. ghizlane on said:

    it’s really nice of you to share this delicious treats , i love what you do and i made a lot of your recipes OH MY GOD they are extremely delicious
    thank you and bonne continuation

  3. Eddy Van Damme on said:

    Thank You very much!

  4. Diana Wallace on said:

    Eddy this looks wonderful!

  5. Hello Eddy,
    The hazelnut orange bar sounds delicious.
    I also like the bar mold in the picture.
    Do you know where I can get one like it?

  6. Niah Clark on said:

    Sounds really good. It’s much cheaper to make your own chocolate then buying candy bars everyday

  7. How big or long is the Hazelnut & Orange Chocolate Bar? It kind of reminds me of the kit kat bar commercial.

  8. Savanna Cunningham on said:

    could use milk chocolate instead of semi sweet? and those sound delicious

  9. Tilly Sherwood on said:

    If you make your own candied orange zest, I just recently found an easy recipe that I really like. How long would I want to dry out the orange zest before using it. I know that moisture inside chocolates can be bad for shelf life and bacteria growth.

  10. Eddy Van Damme on said:

    If it is properly candied it will last for a while. If you are in doubt I would rotate on a weekly basis.
    My best,

  11. Eddy Van Damme on said:

    Yes you can as long as the milk chocolate has a high cocoamass %

  12. I love that site! And as weird as it sounds, I’ll bet caocolhte dipped bacon is good! I had just heard about chicken-fried bacon last week… may have to try that this weekend!

  13. Roslen Hamilton on said:

    Chef if I don’t want to use orange peel is there what can I use as a substitution?

  14. valerie alexander on said:

    This is another chocolate lovers delight and orange pairs beautifully with chocolate.

  15. Amalia posada on said:

    I love chocolate and orange paired together! How small do the candied orange peels need to be cut. I would think quite a pit if its going to be piped! I wish we made this one in class! Doing the molds was super fun!

  16. Kristy Wiley on said:

    Love hazelnu and for it to be with chocolate sound great

  17. Kellie Betz on said:

    Anything dealing with the hazel nut paste was always a little too sweet for me. and most times the hazel nut flavor outshowed the rest of the flavors, which I didnt mind, but I would like a fine balance where I can test everything when I first bite into it, instead of lingering on the hazelnut paste taste. All in all, still looks like a great recipe. Orange and chocolate mix very well together.

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