Tuile Designs

by Eddy Van Damme on May 9, 2011


Certain plated desserts require a touch of elegance which can be achieved by a variety of means. One of them is a contemporary tuile décor. Easy and fast to make and well liked by our guest.

Getting It All Together!

Tuile decors will absorb humidity quickly, therefore it is important to make these daily or store them with a desiccant.  Another method is simply prepare the tuile batter a couple of times a week and store in the refrigerator. The batter can also be frozen.

Recipe tuile


4 oz Unsalted butter, soft 120 g
4 oz Extra fine granulated sugar or powdered 120 g
4 oz Egg whites (at room temperature) 120 g
1 teaspoon Vanilla 5 g
1/8 teaspoon Salt 1 g
4 oz Pastry flour or all purpose 120 g
  1. Cream the butter. Add the sugar and cream well.
  2. Add the egg whites one at a time waiting for the previous added amount to be fully incorporated. Add vanilla and salt.
  3. Fold in the flour.
  4. Spread the tuile batter very thin using a stencil onto a Silpat. Bake at 400°F (200°C) until light golden.
  5. Meanwhile bring to a boil a small amount of glucose.
  6. Spread (in spots) a very thin amount of glucose over the still hot tuile. Return to the oven for a few minutes until the tuile is golden-brown and the glucose feels nearly dry.
  7. Shape as desired.

11 comments on “Tuile Designs

  1. Hilary Adams on said:


    I absolutely love it when you take something that I already know how to make, but put a spin on it so it becomes something completely unique and different!

    As always, I love your blog! And I look forward to your updates, Chef Eddy! Thanks so much for keeping up with it and making this such an amazing place for new recipes and ideas! ;0)

  2. Diana Wallace on said:

    Love it!!! I will use this design for sure!!!!

  3. anita on said:

    Wow Chef Eddy! What a creative way to use those extra egg whites. Amazing. This became a beautiful piece of pastry art.

  4. Eureka Araujo on said:


  5. This is an amazing design! This would be good for plated desserts and petit four.

  6. Yuko Ouchi on said:

    Wow, this elegant and icy looking made by the glucose. I love it! Thank you for teaching a effective technique.

  7. Renae Holman Murti on said:

    I want this as a bracelet. Perhaps a second career in design is in your future. This is incredible. I’m curious if it will taste overly sweet?

  8. Mary Lorraine Matiling on said:

    I’d have to agree with everyone’s amazement on this. It’s so intricate and fragile but the perfect touch on a dessert.

  9. Twyana Jackson on said:

    In plated desserts I tried several different types of Tuiles. There are so many to choose from but they add such a classy touch in food presentation . You can create so many shapes or structures using this light dessert.

  10. Abiel Guerrero on said:

    Chef Eddy I truly enjoyed making these but next time I want to try to see if they can be made savory, to make almost like crouton so to say but giving it that extra wow that these tuiles can give when shapened. Thanks.

  11. nereida rios on said:

    the tuille decorations add that wow factor in plated desserts, theres so many different flavored tuille batters and you can create all sorts of decorations with different shapes to make your dessert stand out

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