Lambic Raspberry Sorbet

by Eddy Van Damme on December 23, 2010

This past summer Lieve Blancquaert and her amazing crew came to Houston and filmed me nonstop for 4 days for an episode of her beautiful documentary, titled “Made in Belgium”. It’s a series of 8 shows, each featuring a chef who works somewhere in the world. Her program took her to South America, Africa, North America and Europe. The show truly is a work of art, not only is it brilliantly presented and filmed, it also shows an in depth view of the work and life of the particular chef featured. It is the type of quality television we all wished we had more off.

During the week of filming it seems like we had a thousand activities planned which kept me very busy and left me pretty much exhausted by the end of the week. Lieve is the type of person you just want to give your all, her skillful way of interviewing combined with her down to earth manner makes it just so. One of the perks I enjoyed was to see her at work when she was photographing people in extraordinary settings. Besides doing television work, Lieve is a magnificent award winning photographer whose work is sought after the world over.

For the “Made in Belgium” show they filmed a segment where we had friends over for dinner at our home and what better to serve than famous Belgian beef stew cooked in Belgian beer? For dessert I made a sorbet made from one of my top favorite beers “Lambic Framboise” A marvelous quality raspberry beer with a gorgeous bouquet made since….1559! I simply love the fact that this beer is available here in the America. Some people may not be aware of the fact that fruits and vegetables were used to make beers long before hops came into play.

Since I receive countless requests on how to make chocolate decorations here is one example. If you are a novice in chocolate work, I suggest you use dark couverture chocolate. It is a little easier to work with and is stronger. Make sure you read some of my articles on how to temper or crystallize chocolate here or consult “On Baking”. Use a pastry comb or adhesive spreader from the hardware store to “comb” the tempered chocolate onto acetate plastic.


Using a pastry comb, comb the tempered chocolate onto firm acetate plastic  into lines.

Bend the acetate and connect the ends with adhesive tape. Let sit for 5 minutes at room temperature and than place in a cool room or refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Carefully remove the adhesive tape and release the obtained chocolate rings. Place in a pattern of choice.

Pipe tempered chocolate in the center of the decoration (Not shown) to connect all the loops. Place a round chocolate cutout in the center to beautify.

14 comments on “Lambic Raspberry Sorbet

  1. Hello Chef
    Sorry I missed the show.
    but watch this


  2. Els De Deken on said:

    Lieve has her way of interviewing people. She gives me “rillingen”. Even with the pictures she takes it’s like she touches somewhere deep your soul.

  3. hallo chef Eddy
    wij hebben je gezien bij Lieve
    prachtig programma
    ik volg je blog al een tijd
    hopelijk zien we je ook in belgie op de tv

  4. Gullentops Kris on said:

    Hallo Eddy,

    Ik ben trots om een oude PIVA leerling met zoveel succes en vakmanschap te zien. Geluk gewenst met al je plannen voor de toekomst.

    Warme bakkergroetjes

  5. Darienne on said:

    Hello Chef Eddy,

    I too watched the delightful, fun-filled video. Caught the word ‘smile’; that’s it for the language you are both speaking. 🙂 Still enjoyed it.

  6. You are so pr0, Chef Eddy! I hope my baking skills will be up to par with yours someday… that is one of my dreams.
    Merry Christmas!

  7. Carlton Brooks on said:

    How about a formula for the sorbet. I have used the beer in the past for mousse, but never a sorbet, would love to try it.

  8. Hilary Adams on said:

    Merry Christmas, Chef Eddy!!

    The sorbet above looks amazing!

    My cousin and I were talking about using the pastry comb for chocolate decor tonight after dinner. She watches Bake It! and has seen you make the chocolate curls with the comb before. I had taken my portfolio for the family to see and she commented on the decor in some of the pics. Funny to come home and see your post here on just that topic! ;0)

    The decor above is simply beautiful, Chef!

  9. Eddy Van Damme on said:

    Thank you Jena. With practice I’m sure you will realize your dreams!
    Very best to you,

  10. Diana Wallace on said:

    So creative!! It looks like a work of art!

  11. Tilly Sherwood on said:

    Chef Eddy I love lambic beers. Especially the lindemans, I would love to have the recipe for the sorbet. I made a raspberry and red wine sorbet at work the other day that was great can’t wait to try it with the beer.

  12. Stephanie on said:

    where can i find acetate sheets?

  13. Peter Tham on said:

    Chef, do they have the video of the full interview posted online? I only watched the 2:56 min video clip posted in the link posted by Rudolf.

  14. Amalia posada on said:

    The sorbet looks amazing I love the Lambic Framboise it is considered a dessert beer I love how you have incorporated it into one! On a previous post I saw you make curls in a similar way only on marble, these were on acetate plastic is it just so they can connect at the end?

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