Caramel Tuile

by Eddy Van Damme on December 8, 2009

caramel tuile

Caramel Tuile -Chocolate Caramel Tuile

Oftentimes novice and professional pastry chefs are in need of edible decoration with a modern yet organic look. Chocolate caramel tuiles fit exactly in that category. They are easily made and can be shaped into any form. Caramel tuiles look great on plated desserts and pair very well with gelatos and sorbets.

To me it was important to make this recipe for caramel tuiles without corn syrup and, if desired, it can be flavored with spices or certain extracts.  The tuiles can be sprinkled with nuts or seeds before being baked to enhance it looks and flavor.

Chocolate caramel tuile mixture

Getting it all together!

The caramel mixture for the tuiles can be made weeks ahead, provided it is stored in a well-sealed bag. However, it is best to bake and shape the caramel tuiles the day they are needed. Like most tuiles, these also attract moisture to them so it is best to store them in an airtight container.

caramel powder

Caramel tuile –Chocolate caramel tuile

¼ Cup (3 oz) glucose 90 g
¾ Cup (6 oz) Extra fine granulated sugar 180 g
4 oz (4 oz) Semi or bittersweet chocolate 120 g
  1. In a saucepan bring the glucose to a boil. Add the sugar and stir to combine. Boil without stirring any further to 335°F (168C°). Chop the chocolate in small pieces.
  2. Remove from heat and stir in the chocolate using a heat resistant or wooden spatula. Immediately roll the mixture between two silpats or on a lightly oiled surface to a thickness of about 2-3 stacked credit cards.
  3. Once cooled, using a roiling pin roll the chocolate caramel to a fine powder (Do not roll on a Silpat).
  4. Work the caramel powder thru a sift into a desired pattern onto a silicone mat 1/32 inch (1mm) thick. The pattern can be done freestyle or using a stencil.
  5. Bake at 400°F (205°C) until the caramel becomes liquid, about 5 minutes.
  6. Upon removal from the oven shape the chocolate caramel brittle into curves, rolled around a parchment paper wrapped rolling pin or simply leave flat.

chocolate caramel powder

chocolate caramel tuile

13 comments on “Caramel Tuile

  1. Hilary Adams on said:

    Wow! These look so neat! And they look so simple! My brain is going crazy with ideas for this! I like the stencil idea a lot, especially during the holiday season. Thanks, Chef Eddy!

  2. These chocolate caramel tuiles are one of the good ones that I have never seen before. I never tried it before. It is very tastful… Nice chef eddy…

  3. Very nice work…I wouldn’t expect any less from you.

  4. pove meas on said:

    it is fantastic. i love to make it for my plated deserts. i wait for your up coming decoration.

  5. julian on said:

    adorable great stuff will surely try it

  6. elaine hong on said:

    chef eddy, i don’t own a silpat, would i be able to make these on wax paper?

  7. Yvonne Davis on said:

    That look easy too make. I like that you can shape it

  8. Eddy Van Damme on said:

    Have not tried it on wax paper Elaine.

  9. valerie alexander on said:

    This is easy to make but harder to shape

  10. Rocio Ramirez on said:

    We use the Caramel tuile to decorate our lava cake, and the interesting part of this recipe is went you shape the chocolate caramel brittle.

  11. Erica Harrell on said:

    The Chocolate tuile remained me of peanut brittle, before we broke it grounded it to a powder.
    I would like to get more practice with this. The first time we did it the power was to thin, it came
    out better the seconded time. It was not perfect, but it worked. I even liked the taste of it.

  12. Mary Lorraine Matiling on said:

    Making tuile has been one of my favorite things to do as a decorative piece. There are so many ways you can do tuile. The possibilites are endless. I do agree that this wasn’t too hard to make, the problem lies when it came to shaping them. You have to be quick because they do set relatively fast.

  13. Helen McCracken on said:

    Can you do this with just sugar? I don’t have glucose.

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